Why This Site Is Called Caleb’s Report

Why This Site Is Called Caleb’s Report

Reporting With Great Expectations

Numbers 13: 26 – 14: 9 in the Bible tells a story about two men of faith.  Those two men were Joshua, son of Nun, and Caleb, son of Jephunneh.

Read that Scripture.

It will give you strength.

It will give you strength to keep fighting.

It will give you strength to keep fighting for our country.

Everyone seems to remember that Joshua was permitted by the Lord to enter The Promised Land after Moses was disciplined for having sinned before his people and the old grumblers were told they never would enter those promised land gates after they had shown no trust in their God’s promise and plans.

Joshua, the great leader who had been by Moses’ side for so many years is remembered by all for his part in taking a new generation into a new land for a new start in their peoples’ lives.

And it is rightly so that Joshua is remembered well.  He was a great leader, and he did a great thing.

However, I remember Caleb even better.  I think that might be because Caleb just wasn’t quite so noticeable yet every bit as important to the history of those people and that nation.

When Moses sent a group of men, scouts if you will, to check out the land they had worked so long and hard to get to, the men that went forth ahead of Moses did indeed find a great land.

“Oh Moses, it is true.  It is a land of milk and honey!” they exclaimed.  Then they all continued “It’s too difficult to take that land though, Moses.  We’ll be wiped out.  Maybe it’s better to just go back to Egypt.  And… ah…..  well, Egypt wasn’t ALL bad, was it?”

OK, that was my version of what they said, but you’ve got the idea.

Then Caleb gave HIS report.

While Caleb’s report also provided information on what he had discovered about the land ahead, Caleb showed no fear of the obstacles that he also knew awaited them.  He even encouraged his people to fight all those problems and take back the land that they had been given as their land to claim.

Oh, Caleb’s greatness came not in a purple robe or a shield of armor.  Caleb’s greatness came in a simple act of faith.

Caleb had faith in his God to overcome what was ahead, even in his own people’s weakness.

Caleb’s report was a picture full of human trials but an envelop signed with God centered hope.

Can you guess what happened because of Caleb’s report?

Here’s what:

But my servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit and has followed me fully, I will bring into the land into which he went, and his descendants shall possess it.  — Numbers 14: 24  (ESV)

And that is exactly what happened.

So today, in OUR land, we have obstacles to face too.

We can now choose to grumble and complain and not do a thing to go forward.

We can worry and fret and tell each other and ourselves the fight isn’t worth it.


We can work together for the land we have been blessed to receive as OURS – The United States of America.

It all started with a time in the desert, and then a report of a land ahead that was worth the work and worth the effort.

The posts here are reports as well, some good, some bad, all shared with the belief that while nothing is perfect, and problems exist, we can tackle the problems if we work together.

Let’s work together…

…and keep believing.

There’s a lot at stake and a lot of work to do.

Now on to Caleb’s first second report.