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Chris Stevens


  • Thank you for your post The Rafael Cruz Biographical Ruse. As the author of the 3-part series you cite, I thought I would clarify why I used the Southern Baptist info. At one point in an interview with Ted Cruz, he stated: “I come from a family that has been Roman Catholic for generations, but my parents converted while living in Texas and
    raised me Southern Baptist.” I do clarify in the post that “Rafael Cruz is a Dominionist much more so than a Southern Baptist.” The fact is, Rafael Cruz is simply what he needs to be depending on the group he’s conning at the moment, and he can make good money from the religion angle. Just thought I’d clear that up. Great reporting by the way.
    Cindy Rose

  • Cindy, Thank you for your comment, and thank you also for your nice words. Your 3-part series, The Fictitious Life of Rafael Cruz, was excellent which is why I gave it such a prominent spot in my report titled The Rafael Cruz Biographical Ruse, published on this site. In fact, I believe your 3-part article (referenced above) provided the information and insight that really spurred me on to do the specific research I did for my report. I am still pondering over many of the other things you mentioned in your article series and actually have quite a bit more I would like to make known. I did note that you recounted what Ted Cruz has said about his upbringing as a “Southern Baptist” and that you also referenced the fact that Dominionism now plays a large role for Rafael. You were right on there. I only wanted to clarify Rafael would, in no way, have been able to have been ordained in the Southern Baptist denomination. That was my clarifying to my readers on that one point. I am with you that both Rafael and Ted Cruz will be who they think will help them the most, and Ted apparently believes he could find the traction he needed in the Christian community. I hope more than you and I are finally beginning to take note of that! Thank you again, Cindy! I look forward to reading more of your work in the future. Warm regards from this author at Caleb’s Report.

  • George J. G.

    To Caleb Report: Here is a Nov 2015 story that shows the apparently fraudulent credentials. Now the “Purifying Fire Religion” is a Franchise. See herehttp://www.gospelherald.com/articles/59747/20151115/pastor-rafael-cruz-father-of-sen-ted-cruz-says-christian-voters-have-been-asleep-at-the-wheel-at-rally-for-religious-liberty.htm.
    All of this is very dangerous and dark. I am going to reference your two articles in a Twitter post about Cruz’s dad and his credentials. The key to all this is that if your are Christian the Holy Spirit will inform your conscience about this information in the articles with the references you include, which includes Cindy Rose’s. If your conscience tells you something is wrong or gives you a sense of evil or danger, then listen to it and act accordingly. Your post, among other things, has exposed things to me that inform my conscience of danger, evil. A site you may wish to read that is very clear in showing that Cruz is ineligible has these 2 articles, http://bit.ly/1SecWiW, and http://bit.ly/1JJ76mT. I have an MDIV degree and my passion is theology and ministry and there are issues that bring me concern too. The issue on citizenship and Cruz eligibility is very easy to understand, that is, it is first grade -first semester knowledge. It does not take an attorney to interpret it. It does take an attorney to argue in a manner that violates the Constitution. In addition to that point this is what is essentially critical: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution form what is called a covenant in theological terms. Covenant theology is a key biblical interpretation method of Biblical Theology. Those who adhere to that theology, which would include the framers, were men of the Protestant Presbyterian Reformed Calvinistic understanding of the Christian faith and Scripture. The same applies to the Pilgrims and the Puritans. All the literature up to the framing of those documents contained that worldview, see the book by Alice M. Baldwin, The New England Clergy and the American Revolution ( a recent copy has been published with a change title but the same text, The New England Pulpit and the American Revolution). Theologically speaking, a covenant contains stipulations and obedience to those stipulations leads to Blessings from God (the Blessings of Liberty). Disobedience leads to curses from God. That covenant when signed can not be changed per agreement with God other than via the stipulations stated in those documents. The stipulation of having a natural born citizen condition for President has theological implications if violated via the courts or attorneys. It would not bring God’s Blessings on the nation. If Cruz’s dad was truly connected to the Lord his conscience would be challenged as would Ted’s. The fact that it is not even in light of Trump publicly bringing it to the front, informs me of danger or evil. Ted is an attorney and a Christian. He does not need a legal firm or the Supreme Court to render a decision on something as simple as natural born citizen. Why would the Framers make this so difficult or so ambiguous that you needed the courts or the highest court to rule on it. They didn’t. Now, my name is George J. Galatis. If you are on Twitter that is also my address @gjgalatis.

  • George J. G.

    Part 2: My point in all this is that Ted and his dad would via their conscience be aware that they are doing something very wrong via the Holy Spirit. The fact that breaking or changing the covenant does not bother them or that they are not aware of it via their conscience tells me that all of this is not from God in terms of being a Blessing on this nation. I sense that this is a usurper or like you state, a false prophet who carries the socialist or Communist Marxist ideology. The concept of wealth distribution and 7 pillars and Kings is heresy. We already have a King of Kings, the only true King in Jesus Christ. One other thing. Caleb in the bible had an extraordinary calling by God internally. Biblically, God uses men like that when there is universal apostasy amongst his people or nation. They play a prophetic role or watchman role in the sense they are to reform or call God’s people back to God. Like a watchman they are nonconformist to the world’s worldview and they are to contend with it and reform it. When there is universal apostasy, those in that circle can not reform it. God needs to bring those outside of that to pierce the conscience of the people or nation. In a sense, these men function like the conscience of the nation or church.

  • disqus_dYob1RKXDL

    Most of the people who fled Cuba during Batista’s reign were socialists and agents of Castro. I met Rafael at a GOP Christmas party here in South Carolina. When he found out I was from Cuba, his demeanor changed and he could not leave my sight fast enough. It was a tell-telling moment. Cruz and Rubio had tried to make it look that their parents fled during Castro. In Rubio’s case, the NY Times called him out on what he had written in his biography. In Cruz case not too many people have connected the dots, but lately I have been reading more and more about the dates he came, his involvement in the Castro revolutionary front, and his fake Reverend title.
    Rafael is a fraud who bought his Reverend license, not unlike Jesse and Al! Ted learn how to lie from his old man!

  • Supertx

    Here is one of the events you said you did not find, Grace for America:
    Event presented by Vic & Patsy Dabney. I also found their names listed as part of Ted Cruz’ SC leadership team: