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Breitbart’s Rick Perry TPP Dilemma


What IS is with Rick Perry, TPP (the Trans Pacific Partnership) and the Breitbart News Network?

Can that news network just not get it right?  Are they covering for an irresponsible journalist named Alex Swoyer, or are they “secretly” dealing with her – my choice of the word “secret” which seems so fitting for a Breitbart published author who seems to think every move Governor Rick Perry does is in “secret”.

Here’s the problematic scenario Breitbart’s news agency has gotten itself into with Alex Swoyer’s articles.  Just take a secret peek here.

Rick Perry secretly likes the TPP.  (A mis-characterization, by the way)

Rick Perry secretly doesn’t like TPP now.  (Probably said in just a little bit of a silly way, don’t you think, Ms. Secret Admirer Swoyer?).

Rick Perry secretly changed his mind about the TPP.  (If he didn’t want it before, and he doesn’t want it today, it is NO secret that there has been bad reporting all around that news agency recently.)

Well, I’m not so secretive, Ms. Alex Swoyer.

I think your writing sucks, and I’m wondering what to think of Breitbart News Network right now because of you.

You all saw the article a while back that was written by an Alex Swoyer where Ms. Swoyer claimed Governor Rick Perry, the 14-year governor of Texas and now Republican Presidential candidate, came out in support of “President Barack Obama’s secret trade deal”

Obama’s secret trade deal, huh?  Governor Perry and Barack Obama, huh?

Well, you know… that was the phrase-of-the-day when Ms. Swoyer wrote her little unfortunately awkward misrepresentation-of-truth hit piece which, quite frankly, I believe she is trying to bury now in her newest hit piece today at Breitbart today.

Ms. Alex Swoyer of Breitbart News, are you secretly changing Rick Perry’s mind without his knowledge?  You really didn’t need to do that had you been truthful about Governor Perry and TPP to begin with in your first not-so-secretly mishandled article last month.

President Barack Obama’s secret trade deal and a Rick Perry love fest to go with it – Oh how grand it must have seemed at the time to write an article like that which could be “secretly” written in such a “secret” way as to “secretly” change something (like Rick Perry being a proponent of free trade) into something that was……..  secret.

After all, you must have been thinking back then… NO one in their right “right” mind would want a “right” candidate to actually support giving all authority to Barack Obama.

Oh hey, Alex Swoyer, Ted Cruz did vote for Barack Obama’s trade deals, and he did know what was in those documents when he did, didn’t he.  But that was a secret to you last month though, wasn’t it?

It must have just seemed – last month anyway – like such a secretly clever way to knock Rick Perry out of the running, telling everyone Rick Perry wanted to jump in bed with Barack Obama’s idea of “trade” (and whatever else Barack Obama was secretly hiding from everyone at the time.)

Yea, it probably seemed like a good scheme (unless you are stupid).

We all saw, Ms. Swoyer.  We saw, and many of us let you know we saw.  It was NO SECRET we saw.

So you wrote another piece today which sort of, kind of, well DID let everyone know that …. well, Rick Perry doesn’t support the TPP, but really, he changed his mind “in secret”.

OK now.  We’re all good.  So now we know one of the most fiscally-conservative and economically-successful governors of all American history does not support President Barack Obama’s “secret trade deal”.

We’re good.  Go home.  Leave me alone now, people.

Well, I’ve got a secret.

We are NOT good, and we are NOT going home.

We want to know what Breitbart News Media is going to do with you now, Ms. Alex Swoyer.

Furthermore, we are going to take what your publishers do into consideration as we determine whether or not to trust anything you or your editors and publishers say to us from this point on.

Breitbart News Media, what are you going to to about a writer who so distorts stories that even common folk like this writer can easily see the distortions.

Gosh Big B, this stuff and this author should be SO below you.

Or are they?

We all want to know.


Here is the first hack job article Ms. Swoyer put together.  You know, it’s the article where she so irresponsibly told the world Rick Perry supported the secret deals of the secret president who was making secret plans with secret countries:

Here is the original response Caleb’s Report published regarding the above ridiculous (and poorly written) Breitbart article:

Rick Perry and TPP and My Not-So-Secret Thoughts About Breitbart Big Government:

Oh how funny!

I just noticed I used the word “secret” in that original response which was written about a month ago today!

Now Ms. Swoyer, did you use my secret word as you wrote your secret story today about the secret thought processes of Governor Rick Perry secret-even-to-him mind change (that really wasn’t a secret mind change since he did not support TPP to being with)?

Yes?  You liked my secret word, huh?

Well, thanks, but no thanks.

It’s funny though (in a secretive sort of way).

And going on, here is Ms. Alex Swoyer’s new article that was published just today, Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at The Big B website.

The title:  “Admid Secrecy, Since I’m in Trouble At Breitbart’s Big Gov Website for Such Bad Conspiratorial Writing That Even Ding Bats Saw What I Did, I’m Secretly Changing Rick Perry’s Mind Now”.

Oh no, that was the other article I was just reading.

Here is Alex Swoyer’s new, not-so-secret attempt at journalism today:

Amid Secrecy, Rick Perry Retracts Obamatrade Support: ‘I Would Rather Barack Obama Not Be Negotiating For Me’, (tried-to-be Written by Alex Swoyer)

Well, at least the gal got part of it right this time.   I think we all know someone like Governor Rick Perry would never want the results of Barack Obama’s “secret trade deals”.  That would be NO SECRET.

Come to think of it, that would not have been a secret last month either now, would it?

Got cha there, Ms. Swoyer,

What are you going to do about her, Big B?

What are you going to do?

Can I share with you readers here what I think might be a good thing for you to do?

I would go to that most current Alex Swoyer / Breitbart article there, you know, the “secret” one published on June 10, 2015, and let them know you do not appreciate this kind of reckless writing.

Below is the comment I posted at the very end of Alex Swoyer’s article at:


Caleb”s Report • an hour ago

Ms. Swoyer, you tried a month or so ago to misconstrue Governor Perry’s support of trade agreements into support of what was being written and then proposed to Congress at that time, a process Governor Perry was not involved with and documents of which he personally had no knowledge of at that time. While the governor may support trade agreements between states and nations to benefit the American economy and individual states of The United States, and while he appears to encourage the development of trade agreements between nations and states, to misrepresent his defense, rejection, support, non-support, or any other thoughts or reactions of the specific agreement on hand at that time was irresponsible journalism. Now with this article and seeing a “piling on” of additional deception and misrepresentations based on the first bit of deception and misrepresentations, we need to wonder if your spotty journalism in that earlier Breitbart article, an article easily seen as angled and full of falsehoods, was cause for concern to your Breitbart publishers or was left alone by them signifying a fall in the journalistic professionalism of a major portion of the Breitbart media group. In other words: your FIRST deceptive article on Governor Perry and TPP is now followed by yet another irresponsibly-written article using bad logic. Many can see what you are doing, and just so others not aware yet, here is what that is, Ms. Swoyer: You say Governor Perry first supported TPP and now does not, and this article is somehow supposed to give the impression Governor Perry is some kind of “flip flopper”. The problem is, Ms. Swoyer, Governor Perry NEVER SAID he supported the deal that was being negotiated and worked out away from his knowledge and presence. What can we conclude from this? That your lies from your first misrepresentation of Governor Perry and TPP are now tripping you up. I would suggest you either get yourself in line with the truth or get better with your lies if you want to keep any reputable job in a reputable media outlet. I am sure we all (including Breitbart I hope) would prefer you just start being honest instead of getting better at lying, but at least know you are not doing either very well right now, and it is showing.


Oh what joy it was to see people immediately clicking the “up” button on that comment at Breitbart article to show their support of that comment.

Oh no surprise that comment went missing just a few minutes later.

I guess it is no “secret” now that Breitbart censors good folk who do not like stupid articles that are based on the best Universal Studio plots possible in some semi-writer’s mind.

Well, keep this not-so secret in mind, Big B.  Either plot little Ms. Swoyer into a corner for time out, fire her, or at least make sure some decently truthful editors there secretly proof-read her silliness so she doesn’t make YOU look silly and unprofessional alongside her.

This is getting really old.

An opinion respectfully submitted by CR.

Rick Perry on TPP and My Not-So-Secret Thoughts About Breitbart Big Government

May 13, 2015

From what I can tell, the original story that planted the idea that Rick Perry stood in support of the TPP (more formally known as the Trans Pacific Partnership) was a May 7, 2015 article from Brietbart which claimed that (quote unquote)

“Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry came out in favor of President Barack Obama’s secret trade deal on Thursday”.

That same Breitbart article went on to give the source for their declaration of Rick Perry’s stand on the Trans Pacific Partnership.

This excerpt follows the above excerpt in that same Breitbart article:

“Through Gov. Perry’s leadership, Texas has been the largest exporting state in the country for the past 13 years in a row,” Perry spokesman Travis Considine said in emailed statement. “Gov. Perry has always supported free trade and its positive impact on economic growth and job creation. He believes America can achieve robust economic growth and job creation, similar to what has occurred in Texas, with trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership.”

You can see the entire article on Breitbart’s Big Government website here:

First off, it appears to me the Breitbart article is showing a parsing of words aimed to misrepresent its readers by using Governor Perry’s support of free trade and the development of trade agreements by countries and states as a (huge) stepping stone to create its own wished-for political weapon.  If one were to accept the absence of credibility in making a connection between a fiscally and economically conservative platform and a slobbering love affair with a progressive Democrat administration, a trusting reader might just believe this conservative governor from the State of Texas might fall all over and backwards too for Barack Obama’s plans and policies.

If a reader were to consider the non-nonsensical and suspicious fallacy of that connection, they might just scratch their head and begin to wonder if they can still trust the source that just made such a bad move.

By portending the phrase “like the Trans Pacific Partnership” to mean Governor Perry supports the exact deal coming out of the White House Administration and any secretive agreements by Barack Obama… or any agreements at all by unknown individuals still yet to come…  Breitbart’s Big Government website seems to have gone just a little too far out of the land of reasonable deductions and into the land of Disney’s Magical Kingdom of Fantasy.

Of course, Governor Perry supports the idea of free trade.  A socialist who wants America’s growth and economy to die may come out in opposition of a our nation or its states having the freedom to engage in trade considerations and agreements.

Governor Rick Perry, at least as far as any and all appearances, is not one who is on board with a lack of freedom and opportunities for economic growth nor has he ever indicated he likes the idea that this current president, a president who has tremendously slowed economic growth in this nation, could do whatever he wanted.

Instead, Governor Rick Perry has been a major part of the economic growth in his own state’s economy, working with other states and countries on trade arrangements.  Furthermore, he has spoken with other states and countries about the benefits they can reap too if they would open themselves to conservative economic practices that work.  It would make much more sense to assume Rick Perry stands for economic growth and development overall than it does to even remotely believe Rick Perry supports secretive deals and arrangements solely determined by Barack Obama.

OK Big B, you can make the assumption Rick Perry supports the development of economic trade around this country and around the world.

Does that mean Governor Rick Perry supports a bill that had, at the time of your publication, not even been produced for full viewing as yet? Of course not.

Does that mean Governor Perry was already taking a stand of support for an entire depository collection of policies in a bill that might obscure the nation’s or state’s rights in favor of potential federal executive overreach? Anyone who knows Rick Perry would tell you that was just a silly and gross misstatement.

Does that mean Rick Perry would accept the current compilation of deals and policies specific to the current idea known as Barack Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership, otherwise known as TPP. also otherwise known as Barack Obama’s secret trade deals?

Of course not, and to make such a blatantly ludicrous connection is totally misleading at best and deceptive and deceitful at worst.

Now the Breitbart article mentions “an email” by Perry spokesperson Travis Considine as its journalist source for their claim that Rick Perry supports the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Breitbart never offered a copy of that email along with its claim, and I can not find anything in public records, documents, or news clippings displaying evidence which would indicate Rick Perry supports the Trans Pacific Partnership in its current form.

Oh that’s right… Breitbart says Governor Perry’s spokesman sent an email that confirms Governor Perry supports TRADE.

In Breitbart’s defense, Governor Perry’s spokesman did indeed appear to list the Trans Pacific Partnership as a trade agreement idea among the many free trade ideas throughout America’s history though.

The problem here is that Breitbart did not conclude that Governor Perry is a proponent of trade and the magnificent, very-American ability of the United States or a U.S. state to participate in business that, if deemed worthy of America’s vote, could help build a nation’s or state’s economy.

No indeed. Breitbart goes further by jumping all the way to a false representation that Governor Rick Perry is all out for Barack Obama and/or any secretive plans Barack Obama has somehow made in … well.. secret.

Again, to quote the Breitbart publication:

Brietbart said on May 7, 2015:

” Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry came out in favor of President Barack Obama’s secret trade deal on Thursday”.

OK, Big B,  your report on May 7, the date the Breitbart  Big Government website claims Rick Perry came out in support of “Obama’s secret deal”, I found the op-ed Rick Perry himself had written explaining why he could no long support the Export Import Bank of The United States (sometimes seen written as the Ex-Im Bank), Perry’s recent change due to growing corruption in the bank and Governor Perry’s principled belief that funds should not go to entities displaying a corrupt or deceitful nature.

I did also discover that during a speech in Japan on September 8, 2014, Rick Perry encouraged trade and the benefits of the conservative values that drive free trade.

Here is some of what Governor Perry said that day in 2014:

“We’re open to the world. People like what they see in Texas and that includes quite a few men and women from Japan who are doing business in our state,” Gov. Perry said. “Our economy in Texas is thriving because of our open and optimistic attitude and because we’ve implemented conservative policies that have allowed the private sector to grow and create jobs.”

Governor Perry also goes on to say he supports continued efforts on a Trans Pacific Partnership agreement which would permit economies to interact with one another.

An excerpt from that same article says:

Gov. Perry also used the speech to call for continued work toward agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

End of excerpt.

See that conversation here:

Gasp that Rick Perry mentioned the trade policy of which the United States was trying to write and formulate at that time.

Oh double gasp that economies following the conservative principles of free trade and economic growth should be willing to try to find ways to cooperate so that each prosper.

Again, it would seem safe to assume Governor Perry supports conservative principles of free trade. I believe we could also probably safely assume Rick Perry would support the freedom of individual nations and individual states seeking their own ways to be involved in economic arrangements that would benefit their own economic situations.

However, I believe it might be a huge stretch to write an article which gives the appearance or suggestion even that Governor Rick Perry was pushing for the passage of secretive arrangements, a totalitarian dictatorship by Barack Obama, or even future legislation he was not a part of, did not have the specifics as yet, and was waiting to see as was the rest of America.

You know…. I’ve kind of had enough of media outlets, left and right alike, creating untrue statements out of what could be true statements were it not for passionate individuals trying so hard to make untrue into something that appears true (even if not)  just to make a group believe something untrue.

If you want to make an assumption people, at least make an assumption that holds water instead of creating flimsy reports based on dubious and far fetched brickbat for politically-motivated desires.

Perhaps it’s time for us to make our own assumptions now, and I base mine on what I consider Breitbart’s irresponsible article which seems to fly in the face all journalistic professionalism.

That assumption is:

Big Orange B, sometimes I think you need to clean up your act just a little more than this.  Shame on you.

An opinion respectfully submitted by CR.