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Rick Perry’s Big Shocker At The Voters First Forum

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Did you see the 2016 Republican Candidates “Voters First Forum” in Manchester, New Hampshire last night?

It may have been your typical 14-candidate Republican presidential forum had it not been for…  oh….  say…. 14 big-as-life presidential candidates.

However, while two hours for 14 candidates did indeed limit the time each of the 14 candidates had to introduce themselves to the world,  one candidate used his time to reveal something everyone has been wanting to hear but never thought they would.

Rick Perry, Governor of the Great (Border) State of Texas for 14 years and now GOP presidential hopeful, calmly and coolly unveiled his plans for fixing our country’s growing problem of illegals living within the nation’s borders.

Of course, you know Rick Perry didn’t go into that without first reminding everyone that it was the duty of our federal government to secure our borders first and foremost.

The quiet little shocker came when Jack Heath, the moderator for the Republican forum, asked Governor Perry what the future was for immigration now that we have so many illegals in our country right now.

That’s when we all got the shocker.

FINALLY, someone was willing to speak about what to do with all those illegal immigrants we have living in the shadows right now.

Governor Perry presented what appears to soon be his proposed plan for illegals here in the U.S., and here it is in a nutshell.

Hey, a nutshell is all you get in a two hour forum with 14 presidential candidates.

Rick Perry’s In-A-Nutshell Immigration Shocker

First and foremost once again, secure our borders.


1.  Fix and adequately staff our U.S. Immigration Service agency to prepare and equip them for the large and important role they will be involved with in these next few years.

2.  Find the illegals in our land; assess the workforce we need in our country, and determine if non-citizen workers will receive new or extended Visas for their work situation.

3.  Deport those who do not have a U.S. Visa.

Wow.  We’re talking about an organized system of searching, discovering, and recording.

Great.  We’re looking at what is good for America, not what is nice to do for someone of another country.

That’s right.  We’re giving Visas, not citizenship rights.

Even more.  We’ll be saying adios to those individuals who just should not be here or who may endanger American citizens and legal visitors here.

Perfect.  There seems to be a reasonable way to work through what has become a huge problem in our country, all done without declaring the utter forgiveness that comes with amnesty but yet all with a plan of action that puts the people and the situation we’ve got into a proper perspective.

Will dealing with the nation’s illegal problem create a challenge for new immigration requests coming through the traditional (legal) immigration route?

Governor Perry conceded that we have to see exactly where we are right now to know what other changes, if any, might need to be considered to maintain our current legal immigration process at a good pace.

Fair enough to start, Governor Perry, especially since you only had about 4-1/2 minutes to speak at that time.

So there you go folk.  It was as simple as 1, 2, 3 and as quick as one minute of time between minute 2:30 to minute 3:30 of Rick Perry’s 4:42 minute time period in the forum there.

We got the shocker unveiling last night.

Bravo, Governor Perry for being bold enough to speak of this issue.

See, it wasn’t so bad after all now, was it?  You just made yourself transparent; you were honest, and you gave us your thoughts on this  problem knowing we may or may not be happy with your proposed solutions right now.

That was gutsy, Governor Perry.

You see, we’ve been waiting to see if anyone would be strong enough to talk to us frustrated, disappointed, maybe angry, and definitely hard-to-please people about this, to see who would give us voters a try and then to take whatever comes your way in doing so.

Turned out you were the strong one this time, Governor Perry.

And you see, some of us figured, or at least we hoped, you had something good to say.

Turned out, we were right.


You can see Governor Rick Perry at the 2016 Republican Candidates “Voters First Forum” here:

To see Governor Perry’s 1, 2, 3 plan above specifically, watch between 2:30 to 3:40 of the above YouTube video.  However, since the video so short anyway, you might as well just enjoy the entire thing.  🙂

Then stay tuned for more information on this and other topics of interest from the Rick Perry for President campaign.




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