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Donald Trump For Vets Fundraiser | Promises To Vets Coming True

Wondering about some of the Donald Trump charities the #Trump4Vets fundraiser event raised funds for?  Well, here’s a look at a few.  Be ready to be inspired!

We are focusing on just four of the Trump veteran charities from the fundraiser, but there are more as you can see from the list at the bottom of the page, and Caleb’s Report will be glad to share some more in detail as we discover all the wonderful vet groups out there which are being helped through your donations and the January 2016 Trump for Vets fundraiser.


Donald Trump Delivers to Vet Groups!

K9s For Warriors, Ponte Vedra, FL

K9s for Warriors out of Pointe Verdra, Florida, just west of Jacksonville, FL, is one of those awe….-kind-of-organizations.  They serve veterans by providing service dogs to help them return to civilian life with dignity and independence after returning home with any number of situations or disabilities including Post Traumatic Stress Disability, brain injury, or even sexual trauma having occurred while serving in the military.

Below is a copy of a Facebook post from the K9s For Warriors Facebook page dated April 5, 2016.

Donald Trump Vets K9s For Soldiers

It’s that time again, 6 ARMY veterans met their battle buddies yesterday. This is going to be a great class! #ARMYStrong #K9Strong #PTSD #servicedogs #fromsheltertoservice

Posted by K9s For Warriors on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Jim LogueThis is wonderful work that you do. I was also curious – did you ever get the money from that fundraising thing that Donald Trump held when he refused to attend that one debate? I saw you were on the list.
K9s For WarriorsWe received a donation from the Stewart J. Rahr Foundation, as a result of the Veteran Event hosted by Mr. Trump

Jim LogueThat’s good to hear. Glad that worked out for you.

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Liberty House, Manchester, NH


Donald Trump Disabled Vets
A while back, the Weekly Standard erroneously reported one of the organizations, Liberty House, a veteran’s organization which helps feed and cloth needy vets as well as provide housing for homeless veterans, would not take the donation from the Donald Trump for Vets fundraiser.
However, as you can see in this article “Reports Were Wrong =>Vets Group Took Trump Donation“, Liberty House, in an effort to maintain the appearance of political neutrality and amidst others’ concerns attending one of the Donald Trump rallies might turn a charity donation into a campaign photo opportunity, asked to receive their Trump for Vets funds at a location other than one of Mr. Trump’s campaign rallies.  No problem!
Here’s a quick look at what Liberty House’s plans are for their part of the money.


Racing for Heroes, Mill Hall, PA

Below is a screen catch of a February 19, 2016 press release by Racing for Heroes out of Beech Creek, PA in North Central Pennsylvania, west of Scranton, PA and northeast of Pittsburgh, PA. thanking Donald Trump for his contribution to the Racing for Heroes organization.

Racing for Heroes works diligently to fill gaps for disabled American veterans, primarily those with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Brain Disorder (PTSD), and primary through auto racing as an alternative therapy.

Donald Trump charity donations Racing for Heroes
Donald Trump Veterans Airlift Command

Veterans Airlift Command, St. Louis Park, MN

The Veterans Airlift Command is one of those charities you just might never have thought of but which is an absolutely wonderful service available to combat wounded and their families overseas.
Providing free air transportation services for medical and other humanitarian purposes, Veterans Airlift Command offers something people don’t normally consider…. until serious medical care is needed.
You can see how much this great organization got from The Donald J. Trump Foundation here:  Veterans Airlift Command Donors.
As you can see viewing the full list (below) of Donald Trump charity donations from the Trump for Vets event this past January, many others wonderful helpful services have been given a financial lift so that more former military service members, military retirees, and disabled vets can live better lives.
Thank you Donald Trump and to all of those who donated and continue to donate to these and the many other military and veteran groups, all which work to Make America Great Again!



To see the press release issued after the Donald Trump fundraiser, go here:
To see the full list of Donald Trump vet organizations receiving donations from the January 2016 ‪#‎Trumpforveterans‬ fundraiser, go here: 
Here is a 3-page pdf file of the above list including all the groups receiving funds from the Trump4Vets fundraising event.
Donald Trump Military Veterans Honor Rings
Mr. Trump receiving the Military Veterans Honor Ring from John Wayne Walding (left) and representatives from, an organization that sells honor rings to commemorate the (averaged number of) 22 vets who commit suicide each and every day, 22 veterans committing suicide each day too many.

Get a copy of John Wayne Walding’s book “No Way Out: A Story of Valor in the Mountains of Afghanistan” Paperback, published December 31, 2012 from Amazon here >>>  (Amazon link)

Tell everyone you’re a veteran!

Get your vet hat at Amazon today here (Amazon link):


Plus here is a very special service you can do for a military veteran today. 

Help save a military vet’s life.  Make a contribution to 22 kill today here through your PayPal account > Donate to 22kill  (This is a link directly to the organization and is in no way connected with Caleb’s Report, its editors or contributors.)


Blessings to all our United States active duty military, military retirees, beloved veterans, and all their families!


Donald Trump for President 2016

Make America Great Again

Heidi Cruz and George Bush Sr.

Heidi Cruz Explains Her Global Connections and Career Path To It

What’s all this about Heidi Cruz?  Does she have a hidden secret, or is her secret lurking in plain view?  Start looking here, and you see something alright.

Heidi Cruz, current wife of 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz, helped form the European Union, has global connections, and has plans to work once again for all she loves in a future White House administration.

How did she get to the heart of the EU?  How did she get the Bush family political connections she did?  What has she been willing to do to be an insider?  Just what really does Ms. Heidi Nelson Cruz have in mind for herself?

I don’t need to explain it to you.  You can hear Heidi say it all herself in an interview she gave at her own Alma mater of Claremont McKenna College in June of 2010.

Here is the video you need to watch to fully understand just how involved Heidi Cruz was in the formation of the European Union and just who she has rubbed elbows with along the way.

The video is approximately 38 minutes long.

Heidi Nelson Cruz ’94 from Claremont McKenna College on Vimeo.

Additionally, here is a link from Vimeo to the Heidi Cruz interview.


Below are notes from the interview, but I suggest you also take your own notes as well.  There are a lot of people named here, and they are all worthy of research, especially if you are one who is concerned about, or studies the ideas of, globalization, the Bible’s description in the Book of Revelation of a “One World Government”, George H.W. Bush’s declaration of a “New World Order”, or you just have a simple interest in the far-reaching professional goals of Heidi Nelson Cruz, with or without her husband Ted… her goal perhaps easier if Ted Cruz DOES win the 2016 presidential election but probably just as likely with another Bush family croney (or even Clinton-Bush representative).

That dream of another job in another White House administration must get clearer and clearer everyday in the mind of Heidi Suzanne Nelson Cruz.

Heidi Cruz Interview, Claremont McKenna College (California) Alumni

This interview was conducted five plus (5-6) years ago through Claremont McKenna College
Video is 37 + minutes in length
Below are notes from that interview.



Heidi S. NELSON Cruz
Introduced as “becoming a prominent leader in the global investment community”


What she describes as the best things that happened while she was a student at Claremont McKenna College

  1. She studied abroad in Strasbourg, France where she developed her long-term passion for Western Europe
  2. Professor John J. Pitney Jr. who set up a Washington D.C. internship for her
  3. Her senior thesis which helped set her up professionally. She won the Economic prize for “Best Thesis”. Her thesis topic was: Exchange Rate Theories in Eastern Europe.


She enjoyed this thesis topic because it was a technical subject (finances and economics) which could be applied to social politics which is where her interest is.

She describes her thesis area as “Macroeconomics”.

She included the following three economies in her thesis:
1. The Czech Republic
2. Hungary
3. Poland


Professors which served as what she calls “mentors” and whom she still maintains close contact with today are:

  1. Dr. P. Edward Haley (also of the Wilson Center in Washington D.C.)
    2. Dr. John J. Pitney (also a political adviser in the Barack Obama administration)


She notes that Claremont professors she later worked with included:
1. Dr. Edward Haley in Washington D.C. (Dr. Haley = Claremont professor)
2. Dr. S. Brock Blomberg in Washington D.C. (Dr. Blombert = Dean of Robert Day School of Economics, Claremont plus appointments to Federal Reserve in NY, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, and the President’s Council of Economic Advisers under George W. Bush

Awarded and accepted a Rotary Scholarship 1 year after graduation from Claremont which allowed her to study Eastern European economies while living in Western Europe. The Rotary Scholarship was as a result of her nomination by Dr. P. Edward Haley of Claremont McKenna College (also the Wilson Center in Washington D.C., W.M. Keck Foundation, and Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies.

The questions she worked with were:
1. Could Western Europe integrate countries of Eastern Europe?
2. How could Western Europe create a monetary union and a corresponding political union in that region?

She has worked in both the public and private sector. Which does she like best?

She definitely prefers working in the public sector but also feels “going back and forth between the two” can help her in many ways including knowledge and experience she can take from the private sector into the public sector.

Job path so far includes:
1. Studied international economics and politics
2. J.P. Morgan Chase in New York City (Investment banker)
3. Political assignments by and with George W. Bush
4. Goldman Sachs executive (Investment banker / Private group investments – as in foundations, countries, etc.) She notes in the interview here she has many international clients (countries).


Her current interests are in Emerging Markets, Eastern European Economies, and Western European integration of European Markets.


She has also added experience in Latin emerging markets to her portfolio although it was not of personal choice or desire. (More detail on that below.)


After completing her Rotary Scholarship, she went to work for J. P. Morgan, 60 Wall Street, NYC (the J.P. Morgan Headquarters and also the American headquarters of Deutsche Bank).


She wanted to work with emerging markets of Eastern Europe but knew she could only do that in London. However, she felt it was a better career move for her to be in New York, (calling it a “keen” decision career wise), so she accepted the job of working with emerging markets of Latin countries.


She felt working in New York City would give her the inroads to getting into leadership opportunities in the financial community, so she began her work at the J.P. Morgan Bank as an economic expert in Latin American Emerging Markets.


While in New York and at J.P. Morgan there, she began working with:


Robert Zoellick (you hear her call him Bob or bob Zoellick), later in the George W. Bush administration)


After J.P. Morgan, she was offered a paid position working with the George W. Bush campaign and made a “calculated risk” to take that believing it would be a good career move for her down the road.


She stresses how her training at Claremont McKenna College taught her how to assess a risky choice and if a good risk, to take advantage of a good situation that can be useful to one’s career later.


She felt working for George W. Bush, at such a high level political level, would benefit her politically down the road and at least give her good returns for her work.


On her first day working for George W. Bush Transition team in Florida and working directly under Robert “Bob” Zoellick, she wanted to make it clear she would go above and beyond whatever it took for those she worked for, so she went to “Bob” and told him that whatever he needed from her, she would do. (This is as her story in her own words. See video if desired).


She felt that a person like her with her training and a “newly minted MBA from Harvard like her” would be asked to sit in with him to discuss finances and monetary issues. Instead, “Bob” Zoellick said “Well then, I need juice and bread from the store”.


While feeling insulted (as she described) that someone like her would be asked to do something so menial, she said she soon came to realize he was making a point… that he wanted to know if she really WOULD do anything at all he asked her to do.


So she went to the grocery store and got him some juice and bread.


He had a similar request of her the second day, and she obliged by following exactly what he wanted her to do.

The third day, he asked her to come into confidential discussions, and she was included in all financial discussions after that point.


When Robert “Bob” Zoellick was appointed to George W. Bush’s administration, she was the first person he called to have him join him.


She emphasized that if you want your career to advance… if you want to get ahead professionally… you need to be willing to do anything for the one who can advance your career.


Listen to her tell the story on the video below.


Personal Segment:

  1. She is the child of 7th Day Adventist Missionaries.
  2. She grew up in 3rd World Africa.
  3. She said growing up in such an environment helped her to develop into a “service minded” individual. She feels she is service minded.
  4. Her brother is (at that time) the head of a hospital in the Dominican Republic.
  5. Her charity of choice is “Living Waters”. This is an organization out of Houston, Texas which uses obsolete Amico drilling equipment to drill water wells in impoverished African countries. She had just recently served as a board member for Living Waters but with a three year time limit, she was then serving on the organization’s “Advisory Committee” before returning to her board member position again.

She mentioned she “makes sure the organization is well funded” at all times.


What She Currently Does at Goldman Sachs: (at the time of the interview)

She works directly with clients assets, particularly the assets of international clients.

Her particular group focuses on portfolios.

Her division has a “broad impact on particular parts of the world”.

What Did She Get to do While in Washington D.C. Working for George W. Bush?

She had two kinds of work:

The first:
Working directly with the executive branch and sometimes directly with President Bush by:
A.) developing and presenting economic policies in regards to Latin American countries and,
B.) Preparing and presenting recommended trade agreements to be presented to America’s Latin American neighbors.

The second:
Educating and influencing Congress.
She says it is a game there, but you have to prepare them so they can all play the game.


During her time in Washington D.C., she worked directly and closely with:

  1. Robert Zoellick ( United States Deputy Secretary of State for George W. Bush administration)
  2. John Taylor, the “Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs” during the first term of the George W. Bush Administration, a member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors during the George H. W. Bush Administration, and Senior Economist at the Council of Economic Advisers during the Ford and Carter Administrations.


hen asked which she liked better, working with the Congress or working with the Executive Branch, Heidi Nelson Cruz says she definitely liked working in the Executive Branch much bette

She gives her reason why by saying – Congress doesn’t have that much power really since there is always a veto in sight, but when you are in the White House, you are the elected party, (she pauses)…. and you can “make things move the way you want them to move”… and THAT… she says… was “fun”.


See video to hear the above answer.

Final Topic:

Does she feel there is a place for “idealism” in politics?

She answers a definitive “Yes” but then goes on to clarify that idealism is what you use to motivate people but that idealism itself should never get in the way of moving forward in a bi-partisan way.

Idealism, she adds, in and of itself, is bi-partisan. With it, an individual politician can motivate people to do all sorts of things. It just can’t get in the way of getting real things done.



As you can see from Heidi’s career advice to the current student body at her old Alma Mater (in the interview above):

If you want to advance your career, “you need to be willing to do ANYTHING for the one who can advance your career”.

The above quote by Heidi Cruz referenced what she did with Robert Zoellick (aka Bob Zoellick) as she was trying to earn her way into the George W. Bush White House Administration through Mr. Zoellick.

Do you think Heidi Cruz has determined her career pathway now rests in the odds she gave to the Bush family helping her and her husband Ted, or is she standing firm in her husband’s “anti-DC rhetoric”?

After all, you can’t let idealism get in the way of getting what you want now, can you?

Ted and Heidi Cruz sitting in a tree,  P-L-O-TT-I-N-G.


The above Amazon link goes to the following product:

North America: Time for a New Focus (Task Force Report) (Volume 71)
By Robert B. Zoellick, David Petraeus, and Shannon K. O’Neil

A new CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force report, North America: Time for a New Focus, asserts that elevating and prioritizing the U.S.-Canada-Mexico relationship offers the best opportunity for strengthening the United States and its place in the world.

Get Donald Trump’s newest book “Crippled America” from Amazon at the link above!


You may also be interested in Roger Stone’s newest blockbuster book. Buy it here:

Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of an American Dynasty

Donald Trump and Rick Perry

Never Trump Boneheads Search For A Third Party Knucklehead

Seeking a politician willing to overlook American people and principles to run as a 3rd party candidate.  Guaranteed 15 minutes of fame.  Interested?  Read on.

It will never happen.

Oh, an Angry Birds Party 3rd party run via the #NeverTrump AKA #StopTrump part of the Republican Party could happen, but even the “Stop Trump Movement” folk have no intention of a president coming out of such a national ordeal.  They expect to get 10% of the Republican vote, perhaps 15% of the vote at most, (more likely much less by that time though)… just enough to possibly cut into a Republican Party win to hopefully secure a Democrat win.

So no winning expected or planned on this side.  They just want to… shall we say…. stop Trump.

The idea?


1  The Bush operatives and little man Mitt Romney can not manage to rally what they perceive as stupid voters against Donald Trump,


2  Donald Trump somehow, through what they seem to see as God’s lack of oversight, has the number of delegates to win by the Republican Party convention in Cleveland, Ohio


3  The RNC loses the battle through honest delegates

….. then a rag tag bunch of misfits, the intellectual conservatives whom the establishment GOP never really adopted anyway, will rise up, show their teeth, and remove all opportunity of the Republican Party or even of the American people winning against Hillary Clinton (or whoever else the Democrats might insert if Hillary goes to prison before their convention).

Sure, the Angry Birds Party members know they won’t win.  That’s not the point.  The point is they just don’t like what they’ve got right now.  These angry birds are going to show everyone how angry THEY are now.

The Republican Party has never taken them seriously before, and now they have let a Donald Trump candidate bust in, bring the hearts of normal American people with them (from all walks of life, mind you), and, if the path continues as is, will actually have that Donald Trump person on their ticket.

Oh yes, they are angry birds that make up this Angry Bird Party!

I’m not sure what self-respecting public servant would come in for a no win angry agenda, but the Stop Trump organization is sure looking, and they have three ideas so far they have been checking in with.

The three names being tossed around for their unwinning 3rd party run by this group of angry-birds-angry-at-the-angry voters voting for Trump are as follows:

Rick Perry

Tom Coburn

Gary Johnson

Yea, I saved Gary Johnson for last because I just wanted to watch you all laugh over supposedly “conservative” Republicans running Gary Johnson as their “conservative Republican candidate”.

So what do these three 3rd party prospects have to say about this group’s kamikaze politician proposal of running a 3rd party candidate to hurt the Republican Party and relinquish the presidency to Hillary?

#1 Rick Perry

And Rick Perry says:

No thank you.  I’ll stand with Donald Trump.

Rick Perry, apparently the most sane and perhaps future-minded of those being courted right now, seems to have some honor left in him.  Governor Perry told Nick Riccardi of the Associated Press that he would support Donald Trump as the nominee.

I’m kind of thinking Governor Perry also might be a little annoyed this group would only want him to sacrifice himself when there was no chance to win, a humiliating position when this same group COULD have stood by him when Governor Perry may actually have been able to have had a REAL chance.

Thus… this tweet by the 2016 Rick Perry campaign manager Jeff Miller:


Jeff Miller also tweeted this out regarding Rick Perry and his aversion to any 3rd Party run:

OK, well Perry is still pushing Ted Cruz for now, but you know, he kind of has to for a while more at least.

The important part is that Rick Perry scoffed at the losing 3rd party run idea and declared his pledge to stick with the Republican Party even under Donald Trump’s leadership.

Let’s chalk one up to Rick Perry for sticking with the Republican Party and even Donald Trump should Mr. Trump be the GOP nominee.

Governor, you are showing at least some character in this instance and have won back at least some of the support I lost for you when you jumped in to help Ted Cruz as a Stop Trump action in Iowa (and only Iowa so you first thought).

Hey Governor Perry, put the past behind you and go help make America great again by helping Donald Trump during these next few years.  You could still do something for America, and you would be a great asset in helping usher in America’s better and maybe even best years to come.

The point is, the very fact that you had enough sense and courage to say no to the vultures means that the more noble Rick Perry we all thought we knew may still just be there.

Mr. Trump, would you talk with Rick Perry if he called you?  Just don’t mention his glasses, Mr. Trump.  Please let that part be unspoken, ok?  Thank you, sir.

#2  Tom Coburn

And Tom Coburn says:

Well, I don’t really want to run, but I really don’t want the Republican Party to win with Donald Trump either.  So…..  well……  maybe.

While the Angry Birds Party would rather have a 3rd party run with Governor Rick Perry instead of Senator Coburn, Senator Coburn made it clear to Hot Air’s Allapundit that he would certainly vote for any 3rd party nominee to bust the Republican Party’s chances of winning.

As for being their candidate, he really was not wanting to run, but he has told friends he would be open to running if the AB Party (aka Angry Birds Party) really needed him to run.

This just doesn’t sound quite like a home run losing 3rd party campaign to me, guys.  The guy really doesn’t want to put the couple of months invested into losing one for the Gipper even!

You can read Tom Coburn’s openness for running in the Mayhem2016 ticket here:

Report:  Tom Coburn tells allies he’s open to leading a conservative third-party challenge to Trump

#3 Gary Johnson

And Gary Johnson was heard saying:

Have you seen my dog anywhere lately?

Good job finding some intellectual conservatives to run for you there, Angry Birds.

The first one says he’ll vote for Donald Trump.

The second one just really doesn’t want to put the work into it.

The third has lost his dog.


I guess the job search is still on for someone, anyone to run as a first rate 3rd party LOSER.

It’s funny how Donald Trump seems to have picked just the right word for some of the people in politics today.

However, if you are interested in 15 minutes of notorious fame, there seems to still be an opening!

Losers, apply at Loser Angry Birds dot com.

Winners, go directly to the voting booth and vote for Donald Trump.



*Obviously, respectfully submitted as a slightly-biased Caleb’s Report.