Donald Trump and Rick Perry

Never Trump Boneheads Search For A Third Party Knucklehead

Seeking a politician willing to overlook American people and principles to run as a 3rd party candidate.  Guaranteed 15 minutes of fame.  Interested?  Read on.

It will never happen.

Oh, an Angry Birds Party 3rd party run via the #NeverTrump AKA #StopTrump part of the Republican Party could happen, but even the “Stop Trump Movement” folk have no intention of a president coming out of such a national ordeal.  They expect to get 10% of the Republican vote, perhaps 15% of the vote at most, (more likely much less by that time though)… just enough to possibly cut into a Republican Party win to hopefully secure a Democrat win.

So no winning expected or planned on this side.  They just want to… shall we say…. stop Trump.

The idea?


1  The Bush operatives and little man Mitt Romney can not manage to rally what they perceive as stupid voters against Donald Trump,


2  Donald Trump somehow, through what they seem to see as God’s lack of oversight, has the number of delegates to win by the Republican Party convention in Cleveland, Ohio


3  The RNC loses the battle through honest delegates

….. then a rag tag bunch of misfits, the intellectual conservatives whom the establishment GOP never really adopted anyway, will rise up, show their teeth, and remove all opportunity of the Republican Party or even of the American people winning against Hillary Clinton (or whoever else the Democrats might insert if Hillary goes to prison before their convention).

Sure, the Angry Birds Party members know they won’t win.  That’s not the point.  The point is they just don’t like what they’ve got right now.  These angry birds are going to show everyone how angry THEY are now.

The Republican Party has never taken them seriously before, and now they have let a Donald Trump candidate bust in, bring the hearts of normal American people with them (from all walks of life, mind you), and, if the path continues as is, will actually have that Donald Trump person on their ticket.

Oh yes, they are angry birds that make up this Angry Bird Party!

I’m not sure what self-respecting public servant would come in for a no win angry agenda, but the Stop Trump organization is sure looking, and they have three ideas so far they have been checking in with.

The three names being tossed around for their unwinning 3rd party run by this group of angry-birds-angry-at-the-angry voters voting for Trump are as follows:

Rick Perry

Tom Coburn

Gary Johnson

Yea, I saved Gary Johnson for last because I just wanted to watch you all laugh over supposedly “conservative” Republicans running Gary Johnson as their “conservative Republican candidate”.

So what do these three 3rd party prospects have to say about this group’s kamikaze politician proposal of running a 3rd party candidate to hurt the Republican Party and relinquish the presidency to Hillary?

#1 Rick Perry

And Rick Perry says:

No thank you.  I’ll stand with Donald Trump.

Rick Perry, apparently the most sane and perhaps future-minded of those being courted right now, seems to have some honor left in him.  Governor Perry told Nick Riccardi of the Associated Press that he would support Donald Trump as the nominee.

I’m kind of thinking Governor Perry also might be a little annoyed this group would only want him to sacrifice himself when there was no chance to win, a humiliating position when this same group COULD have stood by him when Governor Perry may actually have been able to have had a REAL chance.

Thus… this tweet by the 2016 Rick Perry campaign manager Jeff Miller:


Jeff Miller also tweeted this out regarding Rick Perry and his aversion to any 3rd Party run:

OK, well Perry is still pushing Ted Cruz for now, but you know, he kind of has to for a while more at least.

The important part is that Rick Perry scoffed at the losing 3rd party run idea and declared his pledge to stick with the Republican Party even under Donald Trump’s leadership.

Let’s chalk one up to Rick Perry for sticking with the Republican Party and even Donald Trump should Mr. Trump be the GOP nominee.

Governor, you are showing at least some character in this instance and have won back at least some of the support I lost for you when you jumped in to help Ted Cruz as a Stop Trump action in Iowa (and only Iowa so you first thought).

Hey Governor Perry, put the past behind you and go help make America great again by helping Donald Trump during these next few years.  You could still do something for America, and you would be a great asset in helping usher in America’s better and maybe even best years to come.

The point is, the very fact that you had enough sense and courage to say no to the vultures means that the more noble Rick Perry we all thought we knew may still just be there.

Mr. Trump, would you talk with Rick Perry if he called you?  Just don’t mention his glasses, Mr. Trump.  Please let that part be unspoken, ok?  Thank you, sir.

#2  Tom Coburn

And Tom Coburn says:

Well, I don’t really want to run, but I really don’t want the Republican Party to win with Donald Trump either.  So…..  well……  maybe.

While the Angry Birds Party would rather have a 3rd party run with Governor Rick Perry instead of Senator Coburn, Senator Coburn made it clear to Hot Air’s Allapundit that he would certainly vote for any 3rd party nominee to bust the Republican Party’s chances of winning.

As for being their candidate, he really was not wanting to run, but he has told friends he would be open to running if the AB Party (aka Angry Birds Party) really needed him to run.

This just doesn’t sound quite like a home run losing 3rd party campaign to me, guys.  The guy really doesn’t want to put the couple of months invested into losing one for the Gipper even!

You can read Tom Coburn’s openness for running in the Mayhem2016 ticket here:

Report:  Tom Coburn tells allies he’s open to leading a conservative third-party challenge to Trump

#3 Gary Johnson

And Gary Johnson was heard saying:

Have you seen my dog anywhere lately?

Good job finding some intellectual conservatives to run for you there, Angry Birds.

The first one says he’ll vote for Donald Trump.

The second one just really doesn’t want to put the work into it.

The third has lost his dog.


I guess the job search is still on for someone, anyone to run as a first rate 3rd party LOSER.

It’s funny how Donald Trump seems to have picked just the right word for some of the people in politics today.

However, if you are interested in 15 minutes of notorious fame, there seems to still be an opening!

Losers, apply at Loser Angry Birds dot com.

Winners, go directly to the voting booth and vote for Donald Trump.



*Obviously, respectfully submitted as a slightly-biased Caleb’s Report.

Rick Perry Immigration

Rick Perry’s Big Shocker At The Voters First Forum

Rick Perry Immigration Flag

Did you see the 2016 Republican Candidates “Voters First Forum” in Manchester, New Hampshire last night?

It may have been your typical 14-candidate Republican presidential forum had it not been for…  oh….  say…. 14 big-as-life presidential candidates.

However, while two hours for 14 candidates did indeed limit the time each of the 14 candidates had to introduce themselves to the world,  one candidate used his time to reveal something everyone has been wanting to hear but never thought they would.

Rick Perry, Governor of the Great (Border) State of Texas for 14 years and now GOP presidential hopeful, calmly and coolly unveiled his plans for fixing our country’s growing problem of illegals living within the nation’s borders.

Of course, you know Rick Perry didn’t go into that without first reminding everyone that it was the duty of our federal government to secure our borders first and foremost.

The quiet little shocker came when Jack Heath, the moderator for the Republican forum, asked Governor Perry what the future was for immigration now that we have so many illegals in our country right now.

That’s when we all got the shocker.

FINALLY, someone was willing to speak about what to do with all those illegal immigrants we have living in the shadows right now.

Governor Perry presented what appears to soon be his proposed plan for illegals here in the U.S., and here it is in a nutshell.

Hey, a nutshell is all you get in a two hour forum with 14 presidential candidates.

Rick Perry’s In-A-Nutshell Immigration Shocker

First and foremost once again, secure our borders.


1.  Fix and adequately staff our U.S. Immigration Service agency to prepare and equip them for the large and important role they will be involved with in these next few years.

2.  Find the illegals in our land; assess the workforce we need in our country, and determine if non-citizen workers will receive new or extended Visas for their work situation.

3.  Deport those who do not have a U.S. Visa.

Wow.  We’re talking about an organized system of searching, discovering, and recording.

Great.  We’re looking at what is good for America, not what is nice to do for someone of another country.

That’s right.  We’re giving Visas, not citizenship rights.

Even more.  We’ll be saying adios to those individuals who just should not be here or who may endanger American citizens and legal visitors here.

Perfect.  There seems to be a reasonable way to work through what has become a huge problem in our country, all done without declaring the utter forgiveness that comes with amnesty but yet all with a plan of action that puts the people and the situation we’ve got into a proper perspective.

Will dealing with the nation’s illegal problem create a challenge for new immigration requests coming through the traditional (legal) immigration route?

Governor Perry conceded that we have to see exactly where we are right now to know what other changes, if any, might need to be considered to maintain our current legal immigration process at a good pace.

Fair enough to start, Governor Perry, especially since you only had about 4-1/2 minutes to speak at that time.

So there you go folk.  It was as simple as 1, 2, 3 and as quick as one minute of time between minute 2:30 to minute 3:30 of Rick Perry’s 4:42 minute time period in the forum there.

We got the shocker unveiling last night.

Bravo, Governor Perry for being bold enough to speak of this issue.

See, it wasn’t so bad after all now, was it?  You just made yourself transparent; you were honest, and you gave us your thoughts on this  problem knowing we may or may not be happy with your proposed solutions right now.

That was gutsy, Governor Perry.

You see, we’ve been waiting to see if anyone would be strong enough to talk to us frustrated, disappointed, maybe angry, and definitely hard-to-please people about this, to see who would give us voters a try and then to take whatever comes your way in doing so.

Turned out you were the strong one this time, Governor Perry.

And you see, some of us figured, or at least we hoped, you had something good to say.

Turned out, we were right.


You can see Governor Rick Perry at the 2016 Republican Candidates “Voters First Forum” here:

To see Governor Perry’s 1, 2, 3 plan above specifically, watch between 2:30 to 3:40 of the above YouTube video.  However, since the video so short anyway, you might as well just enjoy the entire thing.  🙂

Then stay tuned for more information on this and other topics of interest from the Rick Perry for President campaign.




For all you Rick Perry supporters, here you go:


Social Media Marketing for Presidential Campaigns

Social Media Marketing for Presidential Candidates

Don’t just stand there and take it.

Take it to social media! 

I am not employed as a political social media marketing specialist, but I use social media marketing a lot in my work, and I am a presidential candidate supporter.

I know what it is like to do a Google search (or Bing search, Yahoo search, you-name-it search) for a candidate, only to see the horrific articles about my beloved candidate first in those search results while noting the best of the best articles about my best of the best candidate seem somehow hidden from view.  It can get frustrating.  I know it can.

Fortunately, although I am not a political consultant or even a part of a professional social media marketing firm, I have wisely studied social media marketing tools and other online marketing tools as a writer and blogger.  With that training and experience, I think I have a few things I can say to help the typical “citizen supporter” get a better image of their candidate on the internet and especially in those higher search engine results.

Here are some of the best steps you can take as an average, typical American human being to help make your better-than-average American presidential candidate get the best search results on Google et al.

Be active in all or as many of the most popular social networking sites you can.

Posting in Facebook, liking articles in Facebook, even sharing on Facebook will help your candidate some, but if that is all you and your fellow supporters do, you will never see your candidate rise to the top of search engine results.

You are doing even less if all your liking and posts remain inside your own groups.


Because Google and other search engines look at how popular something is throughout ALL social media sites, not just Facebook!

Google takes the presence of an article, site, keyword, person, or topic throughout numerous social networking sites as an indication of whether an article, issue, topic, or individual (as in your candidate) is worthy of showing at the top of their search engine results.

For instance, the more prevalent an article is around numerous social sites, the more those engine computers believe that article must be a really good read, a precursor to that computer boosting the importance of that article in its search results.

If you want to raise your candidate’s status in the land of search engines and see those best articles about your candidate bursting through the other candidates there, keep posting and liking in Facebook. sure, but start posting and sharing in other networking sites too – and I mean BIG TIME start doing that.

Some of the best social networking sites right now according to eBizMBA dot com include:


Still #1 in Social Media.  Just don’t let it be your only one because it IS only just one out of many.


Twitter is a journalist’s and blogger’s best friend to first get their new articles out, so get in there and find out what they are posting, and start re-tweeting the articles that get those best articles on your candidate out for immediate site traffic.  That raises ranking.

Don’t waste as much time tweeting negative comments about your candidate’s opponents right now.  That’s hard for me to say since I love a good vetting.   However, if your goal is to get YOUR candidate up in the search engine results, promote your candidate’s positive articles, photos, videos etc., spend the majority of your time now raising the popularity of YOUR candidate’s great articles.

By the way, tweeting those good articles and videos, etc out at a later time is good as well, helping to tell search engines that they really are worthy articles worth reading.

However, getting those early postings of new articles, photos, videos, etc representing your candidate well is a crucial step in getting search engines to pick up on those things as worth other’s time, thus showing well on your candidate.


Did you know you can share articles with your LinkedIn connections?  Search engines seem to pick up really well on articles that are posted on LinkedIn.

Just be mindful of the fact that LinkedIn is more for professionals and job seekers who are more interested in networking with other professionals or employers.  They certainly don’t mind good articles, even political ones.  Just be careful not to overload the users of LinkedIn, and post articles you think might best speak to those LinkedIn users.


Pin those good articles on your own Pinterest board named for your candidate!  Search engines sometimes pick up on Pinterest pins before they pick up Facebook posts, adding both traffic and search engine activity of those articles pinned.

Plus…  Pinterest is really popular these days.  Add your friends to your Pinterest acocunt (a lot like adding Facebook friends), and make your Pinterest board public then too, and you’ll reach a LOT of people.

Plus…  Pinterest is FUN.

Google Plus (aka Google+)

Personally, I have found those article I have posted to my Google+ account almost always get in the top 10 of Google’s search engine results.  Usually, they are in the top 5.  Google loves their own Google accounts, I guess!

This is your opportunity to use the Google computer’s nosiness to your advantage!


How do you think Barack Obama and the Democrats are reaching young adults?  They are making use of the popularity of Tumblr with young adults.

If you are older, don’t worry that this social platform is popular with the “youngins”.  It is easy to use and just right for anyone.  It’s just that young people like the updated almost-pinterest-style look where they can quickly and visually follow topics of interest, blogs, articles, and write their own little mini-blog entries themselves, all without a literal blog to take care of.


If your candidate is not putting a major effort into Instagram, encourage him or her to do so.  Then you need to follow that account and pass those photos on.

Our society is very visual, and life is busy.  You need to be getting as many photos of your candidate or his or her campaign plastered all over the place.

First they see.  Then they seek.

Complain all you want about the lesser importance of books these days, but then forget it and use your time to start posting and networking on Instagram where you will reach a ton of people and probably many of those voters who are between the ages of 25 to 40.

You can see these top social networking sites 2015 and more here:

Most Popular Social Networking Sites

Promote specific articles and videos on or from these social media outlets:


Anyone with a SumbleUpon account can add an article to StumbleUpon.  When you add your article, you will be asked to label it under a specific category.  Well, you are in luck.  StumbleUpon has a politics category!

Your article or photo gets passed on to anyone with a similar interest and with enough time on a given night to just chill out and literally SURF the web.

Check our StumbleUpon’s politics category at this given moment. If it looks interesting, don’t blink your eyes.  It will be totally different in the next.

Get a StumbleUpon account.  I suggest getting the StumbleUpon bar too so it is easy to give a good article a thumbs up.  Check some of the interests you personally have so you will enjoy your time there at StumbleUpon, (you’ll see articles and photos that others have added which correspond with your checked interests); add some articles about your candidate, and (this last step is important) click “Stumble” to see other articles StumbleUpon thinks you might like right after you submit the article you wanted to add. Make sure you click the thumb up for good ones.

It has always seemed to me that I get more traffic from StumbleUpon when I am clicking others’ submissions after I add something than when I just add an article and walk away.

And just so you know, you do not have to have your own authored article to add to StumbleUpon.  You can add any article or photo or video, and as many as want too.   And others can add those same things.

Add articles to StumbleUpon; get almost immediate traffic to those articles; and you will make a big headway in getting that article pushed higher up in the search engine results.


If you see a video that represents your presidential candidate well, do not just look at it from a Facebook post and like it in Facebook.  While that is well and good, you need to promote that video for your candidate!

If you have never registered for your own YouTube account yet, do so now.  You do not need to have your own videos to upload to have an account on YouTube.  Having an account there gives you a wide range of abilities to watch other’s videos, save them, save them in your own categories or your own playlists, like them, comment on them, and if you have a Google+ account, even share them with the click of a button onto your Google plus account.

And remember, Google likes Google plus accounts, and anything there is more likely to be moved up the Google search engine rank (and consequently the list people see when they do a Google search).

Get to know new social media networking sites too, and see if any of them offer an environment where you can develop a social media strategy for your candidate.

Some new social media networks include:


You can take a quick snap of a video or photo, add a quick caption to it, and share your find with a friend.

Don’t think it’s worth it?

Check out Time’s article on how the Democrats think Snapchat will be its path to the White House.  (Disclaimer:  I added the word”Democrats” above.)

Snapchat’s Secret to Winning the 2016 Election:


You can loop up to six videos together here.

Even the Republicans are beginning to see the use of short videos in building images in politics.

Read this article on Vine, Instagram, and the Role of Short Video in Politics here:


Every supporter of your candidate needs to be actively posting, commenting (if appropriate), liking, and sharing in MORE THAN ONE social media networking site if you want your candidate to have the upper hand in search engine results.

Every supporter of your candidate, or at least as close to every one as possible, should be actively adding good media involving your candidate to AT LEAST 3 to 5 social sites if you want to get your candidate seen positively on the web.   



Write comments on the webpages of good articles themselves and add a URL to a related article about your candidate when possible.

You can “like” articles on Facebook a hundred times and even comment on Facebook threads that have an article that shows well for your candidate, and those actions count some in helping boost those articles and the specific keywords used in those articles.

However, your likes and comments will have a ton more weight with search engine results if you like and comment those articles right on the webpages where they were written and published.

Every time you like an article right on the article’s page (at the article’s URL), and every time you comment right on the page where the article itself is written, search engines read that as extraordinary interest in that article or those keywords, and they will consider that article and the keywords in it as more important, better written, of more interest, and more noteworthy to put in their higher search results.

If you have a place to add your website URL or another URL when submitting your comment, enter any webpage URL about your candidate, (it does NOT have to be anything of your own), ESPECIALLY one that is related in some way to the topic of the article you are making a comment on.  Oddly enough, by adding an article URL of related interest in your comment, it gives both articles something called “authority” in the search engines, and authority gets an article higher in those search engines.

When you add a related URL link to your online comments on a blog or website, you are not only helping to increase the rating of that page (that article you just wrote on),  you are improving the rating of the related article (the URL you just added with your comment)!   It is a double win.

Just remember, you can add any website URL to your comment, but the more closely related it is to the topic of that article on that page, the more the search engines will see that URL in your comment as worthy of boosting both articles in search results.

Speaking of comments on blogs and articles, make sure you also sometimes write comments of thanks to an author, writer, or blogger who has served your candidate or his or her issues well.

The more those writers know they are on the right track…  the more those bloggers know their work is appreciated…  the more you just simply comment on articles – period – the more likely you are to see that person do more of the same.

I don’t mean to make us writing folk here sound self-centered, but hey, writers are people too.  We all want to know what we are doing is actually being read and is important to someone.

It feels doubly good when we can help.

If good writing featuring your candidate is important to you, and you want to see more of it, let those who help create those good things know you are there and actively engaged right alongside of them.

Then YOU get busy with your very own social media marketing strategy to help get those articles and your candidate high in those search results.

You’ll all be rewarded in the end.



Coming soon:

How to write your own blog for your candidate to get even more positive exposure for that special candidate you are rooting for.